CY Benefits: Client Testimonials

In November 2011 my employer, MedPro Treatment Centers, offered me the option to participate in CY125. At first I was unsure if this would be something I would utilize and didn’t feel that I needed supplemental insurance at the time. After reviewing the plan details and realizing how much money I would save as a result of the pretax deductions, I opted to fully participate. I made the decision to purchase the accident policy with the pre tax dollars available to me per the plan guidelines. Having four children I felt this would come in handy with minor scrapes or bruises that would require an ER or urgent care visit.

One month after signing up for the supplemental policy, my oldest son had a very serious car accident. He suffered a traumatic brain injury and was hospitalized for several weeks. I never thought that the supplemental policy I had just purchased (at no additional cost to me) would be so beneficial, so quickly for our family. The accident policy covered all of the medical expenses that my major medical policy did not cover. I was able to receive reimbursements for portions of the MRI’s, CT scans, trauma room visits, and airvac flight that totaled many thousands of dollars. Without the pretax savings plan offered through Carter Young our family would have suffered enormous financial hardship. I am thankful that my employer has offered these benefits to every employee, because you never know what may happen!

— T. Brown,  Texas