Thousands in tax savings for employers.

Extra no-cost benefits for employees.

At CY Benefits, we believe that ever increasing healthcare costs and ever decreasing coverage is not acceptable. CY125 ends this cycle with an innovative new product that provides essential, no-cost benefits to employees while providing bottom-line dollars to employers.




Putting CY125 To Work

CY125 is the latest innovation in Employee Benefits. It is a Self-Funded Defined Benefit “125 Cafeteria Plan” sponsored by your company. By allowing contributions on a pre-tax basis, CY125 reduces your payroll taxes. These savings are then used to purchase supplemental coverage that can replace lost wages.

For years, companies have been taking advantage of cafeteria plans to reduce payroll taxes. CY125 is the latest innovation in this commonly used platform.

Many employers use a cafeteria plan that pre-taxes premiums (Premium-only plans commonly known as “POP” plans). CY125 does not replace your POP plan, it works in addition to your POP plan which introduces significant new payroll tax savings to the company. Since employees receive new benefits at no cost to them (and without a reduction in take home pay), from the inception of CY125 plan we have seen an unprecedented 92.8% participation rate. This means significant savings for you, the employer, and valuable coverage in place for the employees who participate.