For Employers: Better Benefits, Better Bottom Line.

Earn thousands in tax savings while providing greater coverage at no cost to employees!

We’ve done the work to unravel complex new regulations, and are the first to offer a plan that both employers and employees love.

CY125 allows your employees to get valuable benefits to fill the gaps in their employer-sponsored medical insurance—at no cost to you. In fact, we guarantee your company an improved bottom line.

Huge Tax Savings for Employers

CY125 is a stand-alone product, which wraps around your major medical plan, so implementing CY125 will not affect any existing relationships or providers. Each employee who participates saves you an average of $350 per year! As more employees participate, you enjoy more savings.

Employees receive new benefits at no cost to them—and without a reduction in take-home pay! That’s why the employee participation rate is so high—over 90%!

In fact, one CEO was so impressed with this plan that he asked, “Why wouldn’t every company offer this?”

Talk to us now and watch your tax savings start to add up.

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